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New WastedLocker ransomware demands payments of millions of USD

Evil Corp is recovering from charges after several of its members were charged by the US Department of Justice in December. Following the DOJ charges, the group halted most activity. However, new reports detail how they are resuming operations and taking reclaiming their title as one of the biggest malware operations on the internet.

The group, also known as Dridex gang, has been active since 2007 when its initial efforts focused on distributing the Cridex banking trojan. The new ransomware that Evil Corp has been capitalizing on is known as WastedLocker, named after the file extension it adds to encrypted files that typically consists of the victim’s name and “wasted.” According to security researchers, ransom demands asked of the company are now typically in the millions, adding that they have seen demands of up to $10 million to de-encrypt files.

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