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Adobe Prompts Users to Uninstall Flash Player As EOL Date Looms

Adobe is beginning to warn Flash Player users about the application’s end of life date (EOL), which is December 31, 2020. Adobe stated that it will begin to prompt users to uninstall the software over the next several months as the EOL approaches. After this date, Adobe will not sure Flash Player updates or security patches, recommending that users uninstall beforehand to avoid any heightened security risks.

Adobe first announced the EOL date in July 2017 and is planning on freezing updates for the application, as well as removing download links and blocking Flash-based content from running. Flash is a common target for cyberattacks, particularly exploit kids, zero-day attacks, and phishing schemes. Other applications such as WebGL, WebAssembly, and HTML5 serve as viable substitutes for Flash.

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