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Scammers Clone Encrypted Messaging Platform and Siphon Users’ Bitcoins

Yesterday, KrebsOnSecurity published a report proving that Privnote, a free encrypted messaging platform, was cloned and used to steal sensitive information and assets. Messages sent on Privnote self-destruct after being read and is a platform allowing people to send sensitive information over the phone. However, a phishing scam recently targeted Privnote, redirecting unsuspecting victims to a sophisticated and identical version of the platform that was fraudulent and aimed to steal information.

KrebsOnSecurity stated that the hackers bought the domain and were using it to trick victims into thinking they were the legitimate service. Unlike the real company, Privnote, Privnotes reads and modifies messages that users send. Not only did the platform contain scripts that hunt messages containing Bitcoin addresses, but the script also changes these original addresses to the hackers’ in the sent message, making it so that any funds sent through the platform are diverted to the attackers.

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