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Over 100,000 UK Security Cameras Could Be at Risk of Hacking

According to an investigation by cybersecurity firm Which?, more than 100,000 indoor security cameras across the UK may have critical flaws that leave them vulnerable to hacking. The wireless cameras that use the CamHi app are at risk of being spied on, data stolen, or other devices targeted. Many cameras using this technology have been removed from sale, however, Amazon, eBay, and Wish continue to carry them.

In the last three months, over 12,000 home security cameras were activated in the UK, while 3.5 million of these camera types exist in the world. Which? investigators believe that over 45 different camera-producing brands have the same critical flaw in their design and software that allows hackers to control the video stream and potentially even talk to people if the camera has a microphone.

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