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Researchers Expose a New Vulnerability in Intel’s CPUs

Researchers have discovered a new vulnerability in Intel’s CPUs, as the devices are continuously targeted by an unending series of attacks. Multiple campaigns over the past two years have made it possible for sophisticated attackers to steal passwords, encryption keys, and other relevant information from the CPUs. On Tuesday, two separate research organizations disclosed new and distinctive exploits pertaining to Intal’s Software Gaurd eXtension (SGX).

SGX is the most sensitive region of the company’s processors and is designed to guard encryption keys and other sensitive data even when the operating system is maliciously compromised. SGX creates trusted execution environments in order to protect sensitive code. SGX has been targeted in the past as well, and in 2018 researchers broke into the region after building an attack known as Meltdown. Although Intel mitigated another vulnerability earlier this year through microcode updates, these patches did not last as the two new attacks have put Intel on the defensive again.

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