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Fake SpaceX YouTube channels scam viewers out of $150K in bitcoin

Three YouTube channels have been hijacked by scammers to display bitcoin scams that impersonate Elon Musk’s legitimate SpaceX channel. The three hacked pages have collected almost $150,000 in bitcoin over the past two days. Scammers have frequently been impersonating Elon Musk and SpaceX to perform fraudulent “cryptocurrency giveaways” and other related scams that advertise significant returns in exchange for a little bitcoin.

As of yesterday, three YouTube channels called ‘Juice TV,’ ‘Right Human,’ and ‘MaximSakulevich,’ have now been taken over and renamed with keywords related to Musk and SpaceX such as ‘SpaceX Live.’ In comparison to the legitimate channel, which has 4.33 million subscribers, one of the hijacked channels has 230,000 while the other has 131,000. All of the channels are live streaming recordings of Elon Musk and promoting the previously mentioned scams.

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