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DDoS-ers Target Black Lives Matter Groups

The US Black Live Matter protests that have sparked over the past week have also drawn the attention of malicious threat actors, who attempted attacks on several right groups over the past week. According to web security firm Cloudflare, the analysis of malicious HTTP requests month to month showed an increase in over 19 billion attack requests from April to May. Cloudflare reportedly blocked 135.5 billion requests on the weekend of May 30/31, whereas they blocked 116.3 billion on the weekend of 25/26.

On Sunday, May 31, Cloudflare saw an even higher month-on-month increase of 26% in attempted attacks. The group also reported that organizations classified as advocacy groups were subject to a much higher increase, with attack volumes 1120 times the figures for April. Cloudflare wrote that these groups went from having almost no attacks in April, to be targeted by DDoS attacks at an alarming rate.

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