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Fortune 500 company NTT discloses security breach

On May 7, Nippon Telegraph & Telephone (NTT) suffered from a security breach that exposed information on 621 customers from its communications subsidiary. The company is the 64th biggest in the world, according to the Fortune 500 list, and is the largest telecommunications company in Japan. NTT stated that they became aware of the intrusion that compromised its internal network four days after the incident on May 11.

NTT publicly disclosed the breach recently, claiming that the attackers compromised several layers of its IT infrastructure, stealing data and uploading it to a remote server not owned by NTT. The company stated today that the cyberattack likely originated from an NTT location in Singapore, using this entry point to reach a cloud server located in Japan, later accessing an internal network server and then the AD server. While NTT investigates the breach, it is in the process of upgrading IT infrastructure. NTT plans to notify all customers once the extent of the attack is clear.

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