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Brazil Daily Coronavirus Death Toll Surpasses That of U.S.

Brazil has surpassed the daily death toll of the US, reporting that in the past 24 hours 1,039 have died from the COVID-19 virus. In total, the US still leads the globe in the death toll, recording 98,261 deaths over the past several months. The US has, on the other hand, reported a decreasing number of daily cases as its daily death count trends downward. In the same 24 hour period, the US reported 592 deaths.

Last week, Brazil averaged 935 deaths a day, however, this average has increased by almost 300 through this week. Epidemiological models used by Brazilian organizations predict at least 89,000 fatalities from the virus by early August, claiming that the daily deaths will continue to grow exponentially for at least the next few days. The fast rise in infections prompted President Trump to ban the entry of individuals who have been in Brazil within 14 days from entering the US.

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