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NIST Wants Help Demonstrating Security Compliance in 5G

According to a recent announcement, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is seeking organizations to participate in a collaborative effort to implement cybersecurity standards into 5G networking technology, aiming to eventually create a publication that outlines best practices. The NIST plans on publishing a notice later today, stating that they expect the project to demonstrate how 5G architecture can provide security capabilities to mitigate identified risks.

The US cybersecurity policy has shifted greatly over the past year, as the country dumps gear kits originating in China from producers like Huawei and ZTE. Therefore, the interoperability of security features for 5G networking tech has become essential to the success of the new policies. Bipartisan legislation has been introduced, proposing $1.2 billion in spending for work related to the NIST project.

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