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Coronavirus-related cyberattacks surge to 192,000 in one week

Cyberattackers have been capitalizing on the ongoing pandemic, using it to lure new victims, often through enticing malicious links advertising fraudulent vaccine or treatment information. They have also been creating phishing emails, suspicious or malicious websites, infected downloads such as apps and files, and other content that aim to trap people seeking information about the pandemic. On Thursday, Check Point Research released a report that details the rise of these new COVID-19 cyberattacks.

Check Point found that over the past three weeks, there were roughly 192,000 COVID-19 related cyberattacks per week, representing a 30% increase from the previous weeks. This total includes malicious websites with corona or COVID in the domain name. Check Point also reported that among phishing emails, a common campaign impersonates the World Health Organization, claiming that a cure has been found for the deadly virus.

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