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Fractures in many nations widen as virus lockdowns ease

As several countries prepare to lift COVID-19 lockdowns, people fear economic devastation paired and the second wave of deaths. French mayors have opposed the government’s order to reopen schools due to WHO warnings over lifting lockdown measures prematurely. In Italy, however, governors want Rome to ease lockdown measures sooner. The British government is aiming to reopen the economy soon, while Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish leader, has expressed concern that reopening to fast could allow for another devastating second wave of virus infections.

Britain has been the hardest-hit European country after surpassing Italy for the number of COVID-19 deaths earlier this week. The country plans to extend its nationwide lockdown on Thursday, however, it is aiming to ease restrictions on activity next week. UK residents may only leave their homes for essential errands, shopping, and exercise. In France, more than 300 mayors have called for President Macron to delay the reopening of schools, which is scheduled for Monday.

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