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Pentagon Wants AI to Predict Behavioral Changes in Troops

The Pentagon is now seeking AI solutions to help the US military identify significant behavioral changes in troops including those related to depression, mental health, or other psychological issues, stating that it can have a debilitating effect on the team and may result in mission failure, injury, and death during a military operation. Recently, the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) released a solicitation using its other transaction authority to search for AI solutions to these issues, seeking technology that can aggregate, structure, and analyze data sets.

The DIU believes that predictive AI may be able to help the US military identify these psychological changes in a service member that may indicate increased vulnerability. The effort, named “Vigilant Keeper,” seeks to mitigate the risks posed by mental health issues on the battlefield that may result in threatening, irrational, or suicidal behavior that produces unwanted outcomes for both the individual and the mission. The project could enable the DoD to better care for service members as well through enhancing analytic capability regarding behavioral shifts.

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