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Coronavirus Sweeps Across Brazil, a Land Ill-Equipped to Fight It

In Brazil, the COVID-19 virus is devastating the population as the country remains ill-equipped for a pandemic. According to local reports from the city of Manaus, there have been extreme wait times for ambulances as well as a lack of medical equipment and burial arrangements. While COVID-19 has previously impacted wealthier countries such as Italy, the US, and Spain, Brazil has now passed China in confirmed cases and deaths, totaling 105,222 and 7,288 respectively. This makes Brazil the hardest-hit country in the developing world.

Although China has reported little to no new cases of the virus, Latin America is just beginning its fight with COVID-19 as Brazil has reportedly not reached its peak in terms of new cases. According to reports, infections are rising by more than 5,000 a day while deaths are increasing by 500 daily. However, the total cases and deaths may be much higher than reported due to a lack of testing abilities. A university study has estimated that Brazil’s total number of cases may be higher than that of the US, which currently has more than 1.2 million cases nation-wide.

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