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Supercomputing System Fighting COVID-19 Gets Upgrade

The supercomputing system that is powering COVID-19 research will undergo a major upgrade that aims to nearly double its peak performance. The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory supercomputing system has been providing scientists and experts with research to fight COVID-19. An agreement disclosed this week states that Lawrence Livermore, Penguin Computing, and AMD will provide the system with accelerators.

These accelerators are optimized for large deep scale learning, which will allow the system to double its performance capacity to 4.5 petaFLOPS of peak compute power. This will enable researchers to run simulations quicker, subsequently advancing the understanding of the virus and what measures are effective in combatting it. Since the national pandemic began, the system has been used to screen, design, and validate antibody candidates, as well as to simulate the interactions of small molecules with the virus.

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