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New Zealand claims ‘elimination’ of coronavirus with new cases in single digits

On Monday, New Zealand announced that the country would move to ease restrictions after testing showed new cases in the single figures. At a news conference, the country reported just one new case, four probable cases, and one new death. The low number of cases shows that New Zealand’s goal of eliminating the virus has been achieved. The New Zealand Director of General Health, Ashley Bloomfield, stated that the low number allows the country to stamp out any cases or outbreaks that might occur.

New Zealand has been on lockdown for roughly 5 weeks, restricting travelers coming into the country. However, with the eased restrictions the country plans to allow businesses to reopen with some restrictions, including mandatory physical distancing. Schools will reopen with limited capacity, and employees are encouraged to work from home if possible. Public venues will remain closed, such as libraries, museums, and gyms. After two weeks, the measures will be reassessed on May 11.

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