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Nations ease some virus restrictions yet public still wary

This past week, some nations have begun to ease coronavirus restrictions to relieve countries’ struggling economies, however, many citizens are still wary of returning to work and daily life. Small shops reopened on Wednesday in Berlin, as well as in Denmark and Austria. In the US, some states are beginning to relax restrictions amid protests by those who want to return to work.

Despite virus hot spots like Italy, Spain, and New York seeing a drop in daily death tolls and new hospitalizations, many fear a resurgence once restrictions are eased. Singapore, for example, saw a dramatic increase of new cases over the past week, causing the country to extend its lockdown into June. In California, health officials reported that two individuals with COVID-19 died in the state weeks before the first US reported death in Washington, proving that the virus had been circulating in the US earlier than what officials thought.

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