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Army Wants to Study How Humans Team With AI—And Vice Versa

On Monday, the Army Research Laboratory sent out a presolicitation notice seeking to explore Human-Agent Teaming Research and Engineering Services contract to study the interactions between soldiers and AI, using the information to improve the training regimen for both humans and machines. The Army reportedly plans to award the contract to DCS Corporation, however, the solicitation allows other potential vendors to come forth.

The RFI states that tech like AI will eventually play a role in reducing the number of soldiers in combat, however, it is unlikely that they will replace soldiers on a one-for-one basis. AI has the potential to augment soldiers on the battlefield as they possess a great capacity to store and analyze data, access areas that humans can’t and react at a quicker speed than humans. At the same time, AI may also introduce new limitations and still lack the skillset of a human, such as adaptability, common sense, and flexibility.

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