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Zoom Bombing Attack Hits U.S. Government Meeting

According to an internal letter released by the government, a recent US House Oversight Committee meeting was the victim of a Zoom-bombing attack. The committee meeting was disrupted at least three times by uninvited individuals. The incident was disclosed in an internal letter from two representatives, Jim Jordan and Carolyn Maloney. Maloney is a chairwoman for the Committee on Oversight and Reform, which serves as the main investigative committee in the US House of Representatives.

The internal letter stated that in spite of FBI warnings that Zoom bombing is illegal and warnings about the platform’s security, Zoom was used to hold a briefing on women’s rights in Afghanistan that was compromised several times. The letter states that it is unclear what the impact of the hacking is on staff devices yet. It is also unclear whether any sensitive data was accessed after the meeting was interrupted. Jordan then called for government officials to immediately suspend the use of Zoom for official committee activities.

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