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Google Can Now Help You Locate The Nearest COVID-19 Testing Facility

Google has recently launched a new tool that allows Americans to identify the closest COVID-19 testing facility to them with ease. For most users, a google search of “coronavirus testing centers” will now lead to a Google Map that displays all facilities that are currently testing for the virus. This is the latest of several tools the company has offered to curb the outbreak, accompanied by a $50 million commitment to global efforts.

The company will offer this information to Google users in 43 states. This is due to the fact that the company is only publishing test facility locations that have been formally approved by authorities in public health. This includes testing facilities that are incomplete from the map, including those in New York. Google stated that it will only share the locations of testing facilities approved for publishing by health authorities, however, the company is working on adding additional listings in New York. Connecticut, Maine, Pennsylvania, Oregon, New Jersey, and Missouri’s testing facilities are excluded from the program

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