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Coronavirus Dark Web Scams: From infected blood to ventilators

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the dark web has been riddled with various postings related to the virus. As healthcare organizations and workers have been searching for necessary protective goods and medical equipment as well as cures for the deadly virus, scammers on the dark web have been promoting fake vaccines, N95 masks, and ventilators on the platform.

DarkOwl and Sixgill, two dark web intelligence companies, reported that a large selection of COVID-19 related scams are being promoted, including several that are bizarre. One site is selling packs of 10 Farstar N95 make for €80, while others are selling COVID-19 “vaccines,” although there has not been a confirmed vaccine for the virus yet. Other vendors are selling ventilators that are commonly used in hospitals as healthcare organizations struggle to keep up with the influx of patients who need ventilators.

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