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Lawrence Livermore Looks to Industry to Commercialize New Ventilator Prototype

A group of experts at Lawrence Livermore National Lab formed in March, aiming to produce solutions for the lack of ventilators as the world copes with the COVID-19 pandemic. The scientists and engineers’ initial work was revealed this week and is titled the Novel Emergency Response Ventilator (NERVe) Prototype.

The group is looking for industry partners that will help them bring the prototype to the market quickly, as the US and other countries around the globe are facing a lack of adequate PPE and medical technology such as ventilators. The prototype is a ventilator system that uses as few parts as possible and is sourced from a separate supply chain than that of traditional ventilator manufacturers. The NERVe prototype is also equipped to adapt immediately to a patient who begins to spontaneously breathe on their own.

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