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Four Million Quidd User Credentials Found on Dark Web

Experts have uncovered four million credentials that have been linked to a site called Quidd, a digital collectibles website. The credentials also include a large number of corporate email addresses. The data leak was discovered by Risk Based Security’s Data Breach Research Team, who announced the information on Friday. The group revealed that the data was found available on a popular deep web hacking forum.

The information includes the email addresses, usernames, and bcrypt hashed passwords of nearly 4 million Quidd users. The data was initially posted on March 12, however, they were quickly removed, then resurfaced on March 29 when they were uploaded by a different user. One user responded that had already decrypted a million password hashes. Corporate email addresses in which credentials were exposed include those at companies such as Microsoft, Target, Virgin Media, Accenture, and Experian.

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