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Drones Take Italians’ Temperature and Issue Fines

In the northern province of Bergamo, Italy, drones are being used to ensure lockdown orders are being adhered to. The drone fleet was commissioned by the government to combat the pandemic and can perform functions such as taking temperatures, fining violators, and enforcing regulations. The drones take an individual’s temperature through a heat sensor, and this information is then sent to the operator.

Bergamo, in the region of Lombardy, has been the epicenter for the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy. Therefore, the drones have been used to control the territory. However, despite the drone’s ability to take temperature, police forces must still interact with the individual to ensure that the temperature is correct with a normal thermometer rather than a heat sensor. Italy was the first Western democracy to enter a nationally enforced lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has now killed over 100,000 worldwide.

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