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‘Fake Fingerprints’ Bypass Scanners with 3D Printing

New research from Cisco Talos has shown that 3D printed technology can bypass fingerprint scanners used in Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft products. 3D technology can create “fake fingerprints” that can bypass popular scanners, however, it remains costly and time-consuming to produce. Researchers tested the models on mobile phones including the iPhone 8 and Samsung S10, laptops including the Samsung Note 9, Lenovo Yoga, and HP Pavilion X360, and smart devices such as a padlock.

The fake fingerprints had an 80 percent success rate on average, although researchers were not able to defeat Microsoft Windows 10 biometrics systems. The amount of time and budget that the bypass requires is massive, it took researchers a budget of $2,000 and more than 50 molds over the course of months to eventually bypass the biometrics systems. The director of Cisco Talos Outreach stated that despite the new research, biometrics are not an Achilles heel and that the systems allow for less password use.

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