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Coronavirus: China reports no Covid-19 deaths for first time

On Tuesday, China reported no COVID-19 deaths for the first time in months. The National Health Commission stated that the country only had 32 confirmed cases, which is down by 7 since Monday’s total of 39. The low reports come as the government is under scrutiny as to whether it is underreporting its figures. China claims that more than 3,331 have died and 81,740 have been confirmed as infected, however, some analysts believe this number is actually much higher.

China has expressed concern about a second wave of infections that could be brought in by foreign arrivals and lifting lockdown restrictions. The country’s borders remain shut to foreigners, including those with visas or residence permits, and only one international flight per airline is operated per week. On Wednesday, Wuhan plans to allow people to move freely throughout the city and travel outside of it for the first time since January.

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