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Agencies Have Spent At Least $2.6B on COVID-19 Supplies and Services

According to data from the Federal Procurement Data System, the US government has spent more than $35.6 billion, 7.3% of which on COVID-19 supplies and services, in the past two months. Between February 1 and April 2, agencies reported nearly $2.6 billion in spending with the National Interest Action code COVID-19-2020, which denotes the expenses are directly supporting coronavirus efforts.

Agencies have reportedly spent the most on masks with a total of $322 million, $61.6 million on ventilators, $5.7 million on test kits and $9 million on laptops and computers. Agencies also spent a significant amount of money on medical supplies, teleworking products and services, hand sanitizer, and disinfectants and cleaners. The data analysis also found that minor amounts were spent on cybersecurity and gloves.

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