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Argonne Taps Supercomputing Network to Study How Coronavirus Spreads

Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois is currently leading a variety of computational efforts that are geared towards understanding the COVID-19 and the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes it in order to help create treatment options such as antiviral drugs and vaccines that will curb the rising global death rate. The Lab stated that what they are attempting to accomplish is years of work in potentially months or days as the organization pools assets with others from different entities to maximize the use of supercomputing resources.

This represents the organization’s biggest time crunch in finding treatments for a disease to date. The research and collaborative efforts are arguably unprecedented according to a seasoned Argonne employee who has been with the laboratory since 1982. The high-performance computing endeavors have been particularly interesting as a network that was the product of roughly a dozen different organizations came to be.

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