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Italy Hopeful That Coronavirus Pandemic Is Slowing Down

Italian authorities have reported that COVID-19 infections within the country have slowed after three weeks of lockdown, a sign of hope for other countries that are adhering to similar lockdown policies. Italian officials have stated that they plan to wait until after Easter before they reassess the lockdown and reopen parts of the economy. Italy is experiencing a plateau, meaning that its new infections each day are beginning to slow rather than grow exponentially.

Italy was the first European country to experience massive infection and death rates as well as a major lockdown and coronavirus emergency. Many countries have since followed in Italy’s example, telling people to stay home and businesses to close unless they are essential, such as gas stations, grocery stores, and pharmacies. Italy began its national lockdown on March 10 and has become an example of whether Western nations can suppress the pandemic through less draconian measures than China.

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