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NSW Police signs six-year biometric identification deal

The New South Wales Police Force has allegedly renewed a contract with an identity solutions firm called Idemia for biometric identification. The new contract will last for six years as Idemia works to support and maintain LiveScan, technology that processes and books criminals’ biometric data. The deal affects 142 police stations across New South Wales. Idemia’s president stated that the contract renewal only furthers the relationship between the New South Wales Police Force that the two organizations have maintained for two decades.

Idemia currently has clients in 180 different countries as it works to develop cutting edge biometric technology for police stations and other agencies across the globe. Its LiveScan tech is currently in use in Queensland, Victoria, and the Northern Territory in addition to New South Wales. In Western Australia, the state’s Police Force is currently deploying the use of drones to enforce quarantine restrictions placed on individuals as a result of the pandemic.

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