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Coronavirus-themed spam surged 14,000% in two weeks says IBM

Recently, there have been numerous reports of cybercriminals and hacking groups taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic. IBM emerged with new information that stated that in the past two weeks, coronavirus themed spam has increased by 14,000%. The report by IBM’s X-Force reveals how much spam has been generated, taking a close look at the content of spam emails and their goals, which are conclusively to trap concerned victims in malware traps.

Since the outbreak went global in February, spam that is related to the pandemic has increased by 4,300%. However, just over the past two weeks, this number has shot up in an estimated 14,000% increase according to IBM. According to the company, the spammers are using several different tactics such as targeting small businesses seeking government relief, using ransomware to threaten the health or safety of victims, and impersonating the World Health Organization.

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