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Virgin Media Could Pay £4.5B for Leak Affecting 900,000 Customers

Virgin media recently was the victim of a security incident that exposed the personal details of roughly 900,00 people, and it could cost the company up to $5.6 billion USD. Between April and February of 2020, Virgin media suffered a cyberattack that was the result of a misconfigured database, exposing customer information that included full names, email addresses, birthdates, and contact phone numbers. For some customers, it subsequently caused requests to block or unlock explicit content, including pornographic material, which allowed cybercriminals to launch phishing attacks or blackmail customers.

A UK based consumer action and data breach compensation law firm is currently representing claimants pursuing compensation as a result of the data breach, which could result in victims being entitled to thousands of pounds. The average compensation for financial or emotional distress, according to the firm, could be as high as £5,000 per claimant. This is due to the fact that Virgin media left their data exposed and expressed an inability to exercise proper cybersecurity measures.

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