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New Coronavirus Cases in the U.S. Rise Sharply; Wuhan to Get Lockdown Relief

Beginning April 8, healthy people will be able to leave Wuhan as China has reported very few new domestic infections over the past week. The decision marked a turn around for the city where the virus originated where at least 50,000 have been infected and the entire city has been under quarantine for two months. Similar restrictions affecting the whole Hubei province are also expected to lift on Wednesday. On the other side of the spectrum, the US reported more than 13,000 new infections on Monday alone.

The virus has infected 387,000 worldwide and killed 16,767 according to data from Johns Hopkins University. China reported new cases involving travelers from abroad and more than 4,000 people in the country were still sick at the time of the announcement, a third of which are in intensive care. Although the country was under fire for not taking proper measures to prevent the initial spread of the disease, it has been able to effectively slow its spread around China and the country has been able to get its infection rate under control.

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