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CDC Launches COVID-19 Bot to Help You Decide If You Need to See a Doctor

On Thursday, the CDC launched a new COVID-19 assessment bot that helps to screen US patients who are concerned that they may be infected with the virus. The bot, which is called the Coronavirus Self-Checker, is live on the agency’s website and can gauge risk factors and symptoms for its users and offer insight as to what the next step is in terms of health risks. The bot cannot make a diagnosis or offer treatment plans but is rather a guide to help Americans determine if they should seek medical assistance.

Microsoft officials stated on Friday that the bot is an example of a US Health Organization tapping into the company’s Healthcare Bot Service, which Microsoft offers free of charge to help eliminate bottlenecks in the health system. As the virus continues to spread across the US, the country may face a similar situation to that of Italy where there are not enough respirators or medical assistance to help address patient needs. Therefore, the CDC’s new bot may help increase overflow in hospitals by determining the risk factor of a patient’s symptoms.

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