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US Commerce Dept Shares Tips On Securing Virtual Meetings

Yesterday, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology shared measures that corporations should take to secure virtual meetings between remote workers as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Massive amounts of employees working from home can present unique challenges as both employers and employees strive to acclimate to the new circumstances. This can often pose cybersecurity risks as if virtual meetings are not properly set up, former coworkers, disgruntled employees, or hackers may be able to eavesdrop.

The NIST states that organizations should limit the reuse of access codes due to the fact that over time these access codes can be shared with more people than an individual may think. The NIST also states that one time PINs should be used for sensitive topics and that organizations should consider multi-factor authentication. Remote workers should not record meetings unless necessary and disable features that are not in use, such as chat or file sharing.

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