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Syrian war, rumbling into 10th year, still has global impact

Ten years after the Syrian war started, the conflict in Syria still has a global impact as Turkish and Syrian troops clash in the northwestern province of Idlib, Syria. As the news is taken over by pandemic reports and news updates, it is important to remember the instability that persists in Syria due to the decade long conflict. The Syrian war is commonly credited with allowing the Islamic State terrorist group to rise to power, considered one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes of the 21st century.

Recently, Turkey and Russia have been fighting a proxy war in the region with Turkey backing the Syrian militia rebels and Russia backing Assad’s Syrian Army. The two countries reached a brink of confrontation which created an unprecedented wave of refugees and displaced people, resulting in an influx of Syrian refugees to Turkey. This created a new migration issue, with Turkey stating that it will no longer stop its massive refugee population from illegally entering Greece. This, in turn, resulted in EU controversy over what to do with those displaced by the war. Now, with a global pandemic spreading rapidly, Syria faces new challenges on top of what it had previously.

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