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Xi Jinping visits Wuhan, in major show of confidence as China turns corner on coronavirus

Recent Media works to portray a new leaf has been turned over in Wuhan, China as they claim that to have made new progress in regards to the Coronavirus. Chinese government is working hard to support these claims by allowing Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit the heavily infected Wuhan for the first time since the pandemic outbreak. Progress in China is contrary to that of many other regions where conditions continue to worsen. Wuhan progressively gets better after already experiencing tens of thousands of confirmed cases and hundreds of deaths. President Xi Jinping’s lack of attempt to visit the region, however, was sparking new speculations about the Chinese government.

Xi’s low profile surrounding the Coronavirus created growing speculation that the Chinese government was working to cover up the true pandemic from other regions. The President’s arranged visit was combat against these claims and those surrounding his lack of involvement during the initial outbreak. While in Wuhan, Xi looked to inspect the region for epidemic prevention and visit medical workers, community workers and patients to ensure faith in the progress against the Coronavirus. Xi showing face in Wuhan suggests the government has supreme confidence in the progression of efforts against the Coronavirus after extreme lockdown efforts. Currently, China appears to have successfully brought the outbreak under control and allegations believe that President Xi Jinping is ready to reap the praises for it.

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