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Putin Backs Term Limit Freeze Allowing Him to Stay in Office

Russian President Vladimir Putin supported a new constitutional amendment that would allow for his reelection in 2024 by restarting the term count. Valentina Tereshkova, an 83-year-old former Soviet cosmonaut, proposed abolishing Russia’s two-term limit or stopping the clock so that the law would not apply to Putin. Lower parliament quickly supported the amendment that would allow the 67-year-old President to remain in office until 2036 if he so desires. Putin is in opposition to an entire abolishment of the term limit but is in favor of stopping the clock and restarting the term limit in 2024 when his second consecutive six-year term ends. 

Outsiders are concerned that Putin will take advantage of amendment proposals for abolished term limits to move into the prime minister’s seat with greater political power. If not that extreme, they fear that he will remain in a position of power and call shots as the head of the State Council. Tereshkova’s alternate proposal, claiming a stopping and restarting of term limits, is favored by Putin because long term society’s success is dependent on regular government. Those opposed to the new amendment have called for a protest rally on March 21st in Moscow, where they expect 50,000 people to be in attendance.

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