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Why Deepfakes Are A Net Positive For Humanity

Deepfake technology has become notorious for its threat to politics and other malicious uses, however, the ability to generate realistic situations will arguably be a positive for humanity according to AI experts. As new uses for deepfakes are uncovered in various industries, the technology may allow us to experience things that didn’t’ ever exist or no longer exist, resulting in opportunities in entertainment, education, and medicine.

Deepfake technology may play an increasingly important role in recreating the past, especially in the entertainment industry. Recently, Reuters collaborated with an AI startup named Synthesia to create the first synthesized news reports with deepfake technology, generating new video reports out of pre-recorded clips of a news presenter. Through using deepfake technology, the companies were able to automatically generate video reports that were personalized for each individual news viewer as well as create unique reports from the same clips.

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