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Why Your Biometrics Are Your Best Password

Biometrics are becoming increasingly popular as the best form of verification because they’re easy to use, offer greater privacy and security, and are starting to be used across a mobile, desktop, and server devices. The security industry has been working on developing strong biometric password programs as the traditional password has long been viewed as the industry’s biggest weakness. 81% of data breaches involve weak, stolen, or default, or otherwise compromised credentials according to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report.

This year, Human Element was the theme of the annual RSA conference, and vendors offering passwordless authentication were present at the conference including the companies Centrify, Entrust Datacard, HID Global, Idaptive and more. The companies introduced their unique approaches to biometrics and passwordless authentication. A company called FIDO Alliance has created a set of specifications, deemed the FIDO2 standard. The FIDO2 standard verifies that organizations provide testing and certification that their servers, authenticators, and clients meet FIDO2 specifications.

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