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3 Data Breaches Disclosed This Week: J.Crew, T-Mobile, and Carnival

This week, a series of enterprise data breached were disclosed, effecting the companies T-Mobile, J.Crew, and Carnival Corp. The high toll this week underscored how cybercriminals have been targeting companies recently. J.Crew stated that its customers’ information was compromised, and email addresses and passwords were obtained by an unauthorized third party. J.Crew stated that significant additional personal information could have been accessed in the incident.

T-Mobile stated that employee data was breached, and names, addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, and billing information may have been exposed in the incident. Two units of Carnival Corp, Holland America Line, and Princess Cruises, disclosed a breach from May 2019 where personal information, including credit card information and social security numbers, were illegally accessed by an unauthorized third party.

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