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U.S. Is Only The 17th ‘Most Cyber-Secure’ Country, Study Shows

Cybersecurity research organization Comparitech has published a document that lists the US as 17th in terms of the most secure countries when it comes to cyber readiness. Of the 60 countries that were included in last year’s rankings, only 6 have a worse score, and one of them is the US. Other countries include Brazil, France, Iran, Japan, and Singapore. The US, according to Comparitech, failed to improve its cybersecurity stance over the course of 2019. The US dropped from its previous ranking of 5th to 17th.

The five least cyber secure countries in the world according to the study are Algeria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Syria, and Iran. The top five most secure companies according to the rankings were Denmark, Sweeden, Germany, Ireland, and Japan. Comparitech reported that Iran experienced the highest percentage of mobile malware infections, while Finland had the lowest last year. Financial malware attacks hit Belarus the hardest while Denmark, Ireland, and Sweden tied for top place.

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