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Syria war: Turkish drone strikes ‘kill 19 Syrian soldiers’

In Syria, nineteen soldiers have died after Turkish forces illustrated a series of drone strikes in the Idlib province, according to a UK based monitor. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the attacks were targeting. a military convoy and army base, as well as two Syrian fighter jets. Russia has warned that it cannot guarantee the safety of Turkish aircraft in Syrian airspace as Russia continues to back the Syrian government.

Tensions in Idlib have escalated sharply after an airstrike killed at least 33 Turkish soldiers. After this weekend’s events, fears of major escalation have arisen involving Turkish backed Syrian rebels and the Russian backed Syrian government. On Sunday, the pilots of two Syrian jets were safely parachuted to the ground after Turkish troops critically damaged the planes. Syria stated that it was closing its airspace in the northwest region of the country, where Idlib is located, after the incidents.

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