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FBI Says $140+ Million Paid to Ransomware, Offers Defense Tips

The FBI stated that after analyzing collected ransomware bitcoin wallets and ransom notes, they have determined that ransomware operators have received roughly $140 million in payments over the last six years. At the RSA security conference earlier this week, an FBI agent explained how he analyzed the collected data to compute the total amount of ransom money paid by companies and organizations over the past six years.

Between 10/01/2013 and 11/07/2019, there have been approximately $144 million in bitcoins paid to ransomware actors, not including the operational costs related to the attack but solely the ransom payments. According to the FBI, Ryuk stood out among other forms of ransomware, with $61 million of these payments went to threat actors using Ryuk in their attacks. Second is Crysis/Dharma at $24 million and third is Bitpaymer at $8 million.

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