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A Small Change To Google Chrome Hits Cybercrime Marketplace Hard

Google recently introduced a seemingly subtle change in the newest version of its Chome web browser, version 80. The feature makes the credentials that users save in Chrome’s password manager more secure, and it has already generated a large impact on the underground criminal enterprise. The Genesis Store has operated a brisk trade in stolen credentials and digital fingerprints for several years, however, when Chrome 80 arrived in February, Genesis Store’s new credentials took a major hit.

KELA, an intelligence firm that keeps tabs on gigabytes of stolen data traded on the Darknet has been investigating Genesis, and the company recently released an in-depth report on its findings thus far. KELA reported a 35% drop in credentials for sale since Chrome 80’s release. The company stated that, at its peak, Genesis had an inventory of roughly 335,000 digital fingerprints for sale, a number that has now shrunk to around 200,000. Therefore, a seemingly small tweak in Chrome’s security, employing stronger encryption to protect credentials, had a pretty major impact on cybercrime and Darknet forums.

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