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Sen. Schumer Pushes for TSA Employee Ban on TikTok App at Work

The Transportation Safety Authority (TSA) is considering implementing a ban on using the app TikTok while at work. The app has been criticized by the Department of Homeland Security and two US military branches, who have already discontinued the use of the app based on concerns over Chinese data security and censorship practices. The agencies are all worried about how ByteDance, the Beijing based company that owns TikTok, uses the data it collects.

The federal agencies have expressed that they consider its employees using the app a potential national security risk. China’s intelligence collection and state sponsorship of cyber attacks against US entities is widely known, and the government fears that China is collecting user data from government employees. The Department of Homeland Security policy already prohibits the use of the app on agency devices, and the US Army and the US Navy have banned its use among their personnel.

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