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NewsGuard Technologies launches Coronavirus Misinformation Tracking Center

NewsGaurd Technologies, a New York city-based subscription service company, has launched a Coronavirus Misinformation Tracking Center that aims to disseminate information about websites spreading false information about the COVID-19 disease. The company rates the credibility of online content sources using a multi-point check system to verify the legitimacy of information circulating the internet. NewsGaurd assesses the political biases of the source from which the information originated, helping its users to make informed determinations about the quality of their news.

NewsGaurd is a desktop Chrome extension that gives websites a credibility and transparency content scoring, offering subscriptions of $2.95 a month. Now, the company is extending this same tool and methodology to rate the content reliability of sources reporting on the novel coronavirus disease. NewsGaurd’s mission is to halt the spread of misinformation, especially when it comes to topics that create public fear or panic.

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