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The New Bipartisan AV Bill Is A Good Start, But It’s Missing ADAS Urgency

The latest bill on driverless cars is distinguished from the previous version due to the fact that it was built in a bipartisan structure. The bill was proposed by members of the US House earlier this year and contains three parts: Definitions for AV Portions, Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, and Relationship to Other Laws. The focus of the new bill is cybersecurity, consumer education, crash data collection, and staffing for DOT. However, the bill has drawn criticism as readers claim that there are issues prevalent in all three parts of the proposed bill.

Experts claim that the team’s large focus on cybersecurity is warranted due to the national security implications of driverless cars, and experts stated that transportation infrastructure may be the target of bad actors resulting in massive consequences. However, advanced safety systems are widely proliferated, creating an unknown risk that is poorly addressed in the proposed bill. Since the same software is used for millions of advanced safety cars, the potential for system vulnerabilities and risks is much higher.

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