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NASA Tech Could Replace Passwords with Your Heartbeat

On Monday, NASA launched several new technology transfer opportunities for potential medical applications, including new biotechnology. NASA is developing new biometric technology that would potentially eliminate the need for fingerprint, retinal and face scans; a heartbeat system that would become a new biometric technique to verify identity. Called HeartbeatID, NASA officials stated that the movement of cardiac muscles can be used to replace individuals’ PC passwords to access applications such as a bank account. NASA also listed a range of other applications in the realm of personal, internet and national security, however, this specific technology transfer opportunity is patent only.

Along with HeartbeatID, NASA announced a Portable Unit for Metabolic Analysis (PUMA) tech transfer opportunity, stating that entities could have the ability to tap into battery-powered devices created by NASA that provide users with real-time metabolic functions measurements. The units have the ability to wirelessly relay captured data to laptop computers, providing instant analysis and the ability to detect oxygen deficiencies as soon as they occur. NASA stated that the devices can also be used in alternate environments such as underwater and in aviation.

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