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Privacy Concerns Raised Over New Google Chrome Feature

Google included a feature in its recent release of Google Chrome that allows users to create a link directly to a word or phrase on a page. Many experts think this could be a potential privacy risk, as Google may have added the feature too quickly and without proper cybersecurity efforts and research. In February of last year, a new web feature that Google created allowed users to create links to a specific word on a web page and highlight it automatically.

The feature was called ‘Scroll to Text Fragment’ and requires users to create a special URL using the Fragment WICG draft. The feature, according to specialists, could leak data. Major browser developers are part of the W3C’s Web Platform Incubator Community Group (WICG), a group that proposes new platform features before they are added to browsers. The group raised concerns that the new feature could allow an attacker, under certain conditions, to compromise the users’ device through the new feature.

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